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Before January ends

I wanted to share these photos by Jeff Almquist of my New Year’s window display at The Wedding Pantry. Thanks Jeff for the pics!




Hello, 2011!

Happy New Year!!! It’s a brand spankin new year, folks. Let’s do our best to make it A H M A Z I N G.

How was your NYE? Any resolutions for 2011? My NYE / countdown was a little quiet this year because I am feeling under the weather. We rang in the New Year with Drumsticks ice cream and nyquil. Woot woot. Some random first thoughts of the new year:

  • I need more days in January. Just like, 15 more. It is action packed.
  • Facebook is the devil. I love it, yes. But perhaps too much? I aim to minimize my time on there. Starting… now.
  • I have the most amazing husband ever. For serious.
  • Vegas is calling. Wait, been calling.
  • Client consultations are like blind dates.
  • I have a cute dress to wear for my mom’s wedding, but how am I going to pull it off seeing that it is paper thin and I do not do cold weather?
  • Sore throats suck. Cough attacks suck equally. Same with snot.
  • My Etsy activity is long overdue.
  • Bigger budgets = better things. That’s obvious, I know, but I had to throw it out there.
  • I want to see a black wedding gown this year.
  • I like open and trusting clients. 😀 They make me happy.
  • New year, new invisalign buttons on my teeth. Cheese 😀
  • I totally bombed on my holiday cards. I was only able to get a handful out… and now it’s the 1st {pat on the back}. Perhaps Valentine’s Day cards?
  • Can’t wait to spit all this creative stuff out this month!! Stay tuned, folks.

Also, come on by The Wedding Pantry to check out our window display for January! It’s a New Years tablescape. I wanted a clean crisp palette of white with a big pop of colors. It plays on the idea of endless possibilities & a world of variety out there.. great mantras for the new year, I think! Since the display is up for the entire month, I had to stay away from fresh flowers, so many, many paper flowers were crafted.

Here’s a snapshot { from my phone.. i know 😦 }

What do you think?

*Table cover, colored crystals: DTLA. *Colored glass: collected from Crate and Barrel, Home Goods, and JoAnn’s. *Colored acrylic utensils: Cost Plus World Market. *Glass tumblers & sign holder: IKEA


I am a day late, but how is it June already? Sorry, the quickness of time passing never ceases to amaze me. Yesterday I tried to brave the outdoors without a jacket and look where it got me – a migraine… 24 hours and counting. it is also the lack of water consumption and gloomy weather. and a late meal always does the trick. sigh…

anyway, moving on to happier, brighter things…

yesterday I trekked to Tustin with miss O of Zoie Events. We visited  which is something all wedding related vendors and clients should know about. Seriously, this place is major wedding world. The Wedding Pantry is a boutique retail store that sells great gifts and accessories for brides… and all things wedding. Most of these items are handmade and the quality and loveliness of the designs are breathtaking. There is a magazine/book inspiration area where Brides and vendors alike can have a seat and rummage through the many mags they have. Visitors can pick up a large assortment of business cards from vendors in the industry, anywhere from photography to planners to florists. There are classes and seminars you can sign up for. Vendors can rent space to meet their clients here. And really it’s about being surrounded by wedding industry professionals in a positive and pretty atmosphere.

Behind the wedding pantry – try to follow me here: The mastermind behind this place is Eva Chiou who also started Red Velvet Occasions which is now being led by Alison Zamora who is also the in house writer for the Utterly Engaged online magazine… the FIRST online wedding magazine of its kind. Utterly Engaged is a collaboration between Eva and the ladies of D*Lsh – Henny V and Lucia P. Utterly engaged has taken residence at the Wedding Pantry, which is also the home of Jemie Sae Koo whose specialty is event planning and PR. Got it? Good. I just can’t wait till they have an LA / west side location 😉

On a personal note, when I was perusing the lovely jewelry at the wedding pantry I received a call from N who booked our honeymoon flights to Europe… I simply cannnnnnot wait! We are on schedule again with honeymooning after the wedding… we were going to postpone it to 2011 due to a planned trip to Viet Nam this July, before the wedding, but things didn’t pan out. My mom and younger brother RKN who is there for the first time ever, are in Viet Nam now for a full 7 weeks… I can’t help but feel like I am going to majorly miss out but that’s ok… next time!

June is the beginning of Bunch’s ‘busy time’… especially since I may have just signed myself up for a cool special feature with a close deadline. I am so excited for the things to come… forreal forreals. In the meantime, I will try to get rid of this migraine and paint a little. Stay tuned.