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On a daily basis, there are many, many distractions, as well as interruptions to my day and work. Especially because I am hardly ever home alone. Here are all but a few out-takes with Miss Lucy being ridiculous and nosey… getting in front of the camera, goofin’ off AS USUAL… (luckily, she is not interested in the consumption of my work or its scraps).



This week is crazy! and its gonna get crazier! And by crazy i mean exciting, good, fun, and a little messy.

ok, a lot messy. aside from my candy breaks and internet surfing (‘research’), here’s what i’ve got going on @ my studio: flowers, large mache letters, soggy colored batting, painted bottles, flowers, my Save The Dates (which if you must ever abbreviate, don’t label them as i did: ‘Mai_and _Nick_STDs’), dealing with the ones that were somehow mailed back to us via post office!?, bingo cages, flowers, many shades of purple ribbon, asking people for their addresses, cutting fabric flowers for my dress, paintings for our friends new home, preparing gifts for showers and birthdays to come, flowers, trying to find a videographer for our wedding because mom’s now adamant that we get one, bachelorette planning, vacuuming, wedding stationery designing, a photo shoot on thursday, buying and decorating our favors (not too early!), flowers, wedding designing for clients, lots of colors, soggy noodles :(, planning a quickie to SF in June, making jewelry for my bridesmaids, making hair pieces for my bridesmaids, aaaand working on our first wedding this year to a very sweet couple named A&M, this Saturday. Whew.

Lucy doesn’t help out much…


February 18, 2010 that is. I was supposed to be here earlier. Yikes. 

Alas, here I am…

HELLO! Thanks so so much for perusing… really, it means a lot. In this whole wide web world of blogging, who has time to read what everysingleperson in the world has to say about everysingletopic? Not I. My eyes glaze over after a few hours (yes, hours) and the migraines come, but I do manage to get in most of the pretty, pretty blogs. I do think I have been hiding from this blog because I am really not internet, no, techy savvy. At all. Really, turning on the TV is hit or miss. Oh this is a great intro piece.  

Also, I am still looking, no, waiting for a photographer to come up to me and tell me they want to shoot me for my website / blog so that you will know whose words you are reading. In the meantime, you shall see photos of lovely flowers. 

and lovely photos of Lucy

So, Bunch Studio. If you don’t already know, it’s a floral design business that specializes in weddings and events based out of Los Angeles. I was trained as an Interior Designer and whilst in the middle of my ID career path, I saw some really pretty flowers on the side of the road and decided to detour. Why not? (New 2010 motto!). Thanks to really awesome clients and friends, I was entrusted to do their wedding florals and voila: Bunch Studio was created. Eventually, some day, in the future, possibly, Bunch Studio could expand into an Event Design planning company, complete with stationery and complimentary cake tasting critique services. But let’s not get ahead of ourselves here. This is only the beginning. And our first real blog post. 

This blog will be a check-in point for Bunch Studio, and me personally, to show for the progression and progress that is Life. And floral design. And you know what, whatever else I feel like Blogging about. This will be for friends and friends we have yet to meet to get to know what Bunch is all about. And because I’m supposed to have a blog. 

By the way, I’m Mai. It’s nice to meet you.