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Happy Anniversary, BS.

A year ago, I jumped the gun and started Bunch Studio with no professional floral design experience, tools or liaisons, and all but a 40 word business plan. and 30 minutes of research on the net. Just like the classic Nike slogan that is so clever yet quite often overlooked… don’t over think it, don’t be wishy-washy, no what if’s, just do it. So, I did it.

I bought books and books and books and wish-listed them like they were going out of style. I found that most of the books were all telling me the same thing over and over, all very informative and filled with fantastic ideas, yet I kept (and still today keep) searching for something that wasn’t there. What wasn’t there, was the hands on experience, the raw inspiration. So I navigated my way to the floral mart and fell in love. It is truly a trip that is worth waking up in the wee early morning hours for or bearing God-awful LA traffic for… I never tire of the task.

My first year definitely put meaning to humble beginnings… I battled trial and errors, learned that not all flowers get along, lost potential clients mainly due to my inexperience (which I have accepted that there is absolutely nothing I can do to change the situation), dyed flowers do stain, and that I could have parked at the flower mart garage for less coins / more time than the stupid broken meters or the lot at the corner. Gahhh – why didn’t anyone tell me?

Regardless, the experience and knowledge I gained has been invaluable. I am known to be a forgetful person, in which I MUST write everything down otherwise consider it lost… but the fact that I can remember the names of al(most al)l the floral species is quite remarkable if I do say so myself; that was probably one of my biggest fears. My all nighters and full days have not once felt like I was working, and for that I feel very blessed and wish to keep at it. I always think twice about purchasing a new dress or shoes but I will never wince at purchasing a pricey bundle of peonies. I am grateful for the support of my beloved friends and family, my N, trusting clients and my awesome ‘fans’ that I do not know personally but happen to like what I am doing (get outta here!). And Lucy, for not wanting to ever eat any of the flowers.

One of my goals for my second year is to win the hearts of many, many more clients, create extraordinary somethings, get a usable photo of myself, attain a staff, and build on the vast network of the wedding industry. One thing I have discovered, that I really really like, is that SO many industry professionals are quite young… yet so established and talented. It is truly inspiring and comforting… and it’s like I have found my niche! I hope to be at their level someday. Forreals for real.

Anyway, I leave you with this image of lilacs, because it is back in season again, as it was last year this time, when I started my little whimsy…


The Queen of Hearts (featured…!)

Hello hello… I wanted to share with you all the excitement that I have had for the past … couple of weeks.

“Our story is set in Wonderland. We know what’s going on with the Mad Hatter and his infamous tea parties. They are the talk of the town and Everyone wants to be on the list. No wonder why the Queen of Hearts is always angry. Sorry, was always angry.

For she has found true love at long last. The Queen is in LOVE… Together she and her groom to be are hosting a wedding party reception, her way. Her elite guest list is limited to a special few. Held at her private palace, in the gardens, it is nothing out of the ordinary for her majesty. Just feathers and fluff. Opulence. Rich satin, glitz and glam. Natural greens & mushrooms. Delectable dessert. Roses red. Her way…”

So, Alice in Wonderland, we all know the story, and we love it. We all went to see the movie, and we loved it. Many of us were inspired and thus came the creation of many WONDERFUL photo shoots. As much as I wanted, longed to create a fun, whimsical and beautiful tea party, and by the time I thought to pull together a shoot, I knew it would have been redundant, and c’mon, there’s just no competing with this lovely shoot or this one. So, I set out to do something a little different. And how awesome is GreyLikesWeddings for featuring us?! A huge thank you to Summer!


The team: I called upon Olivia Wu with Zoie Events to be my coordinator extraordinaire and she of course outdid herself. The lovely Adrienne Gunde enthusiastically photographed our shoot and I couldn’t have asked for more. And of course I asked Miss Laurie Mura of IBICAKE to make our fun whimsical and beautiful wedding cake… I LOVE THAT SHE PAINTED THE ROSES RED!!! (Did I mention we gave ourselves a matter of days to pull this together? Why, I don’t know… I seem to enjoying making things difficult! But what an incredible team, no?).

Some additional images I would like to share… Enjoy!


How gorgeous were our bride and groom?

Cake goodness

Wedding sign (her way)

More images from UE’s New Year’s Party / Design Challenge

Images by Jasmine Star Photography

Utterly Engaged’s New Year’s Party & Design Challenge

The Utterly Engaged New Year’s party / design challenge was held on a very rainy January weeknight all the way out in Anaheim.. but here we are today, warm, dry, calm and stoked to see Article 8 and the images from the Design Challenge. We didn’t place but we are pretty damn proud of what we pulled off! The challenge rules consisted of a $150 budget, and using fabric, paper, or an industrial material as your main focal point (not flowers). I brainstormed so many ideas but landed with what I thought would be the Freshest: Nautical Modern. I had SO MUCH FUN doing this, despite my time constraints, being away for the weekend, and being very sick. Oh man was I stressed! But in the end we prevailed…! I must thank my AWESOME partners for the challenge – Jenny Wei and Tuan Hua. Also Bunch’s mini fan group for the night… who braved the weather and traffic on a work night… you guys rock and I love the love. Thank you. 🙂

(Image by Jasmine Star Photography)

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February 18, 2010 that is. I was supposed to be here earlier. Yikes. 

Alas, here I am…

HELLO! Thanks so so much for perusing… really, it means a lot. In this whole wide web world of blogging, who has time to read what everysingleperson in the world has to say about everysingletopic? Not I. My eyes glaze over after a few hours (yes, hours) and the migraines come, but I do manage to get in most of the pretty, pretty blogs. I do think I have been hiding from this blog because I am really not internet, no, techy savvy. At all. Really, turning on the TV is hit or miss. Oh this is a great intro piece.  

Also, I am still looking, no, waiting for a photographer to come up to me and tell me they want to shoot me for my website / blog so that you will know whose words you are reading. In the meantime, you shall see photos of lovely flowers. 

and lovely photos of Lucy

So, Bunch Studio. If you don’t already know, it’s a floral design business that specializes in weddings and events based out of Los Angeles. I was trained as an Interior Designer and whilst in the middle of my ID career path, I saw some really pretty flowers on the side of the road and decided to detour. Why not? (New 2010 motto!). Thanks to really awesome clients and friends, I was entrusted to do their wedding florals and voila: Bunch Studio was created. Eventually, some day, in the future, possibly, Bunch Studio could expand into an Event Design planning company, complete with stationery and complimentary cake tasting critique services. But let’s not get ahead of ourselves here. This is only the beginning. And our first real blog post. 

This blog will be a check-in point for Bunch Studio, and me personally, to show for the progression and progress that is Life. And floral design. And you know what, whatever else I feel like Blogging about. This will be for friends and friends we have yet to meet to get to know what Bunch is all about. And because I’m supposed to have a blog. 

By the way, I’m Mai. It’s nice to meet you.