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Featured on Green Wedding Shoes!

Sugar & Fluff … the coolest kids on the block, as I have been mentioning… contacted me to do a photo shoot. A fashion photo shoot. At a skatepark. I had no idea what I was going to be involved in but it sounded awesome, and guess what? IT WAS AWESOME. I barely did anything but here we are, featured on Green Wedding Shoes! You can thank Brandon Kidd Photography for the AMAZING photos… Here’s a snippet, but be sure to check out the whole shebang on Brandon Kidd Photography’s Blog as well.

Thanks for the shout out Fluffers. XO.


Favorite Details of 2010! + Sneak peek!

Hi! Just wanted to share that we were a part of Green Wedding Shoe’s Favorite Details of 2010 list! Thank you Jen! SO excited and honored to be included in that amazing (like, super awesome amazing) group of weddings! All those images make my heart swoon, and I gotta tell you, Green Wedding Shoes is definitely one of the top unique wedding blogs out there. So brides, bookmark it if you haven’t already!

In the meantime, major prepping for my mother’s wedding tomorrow. Here’s a little winter wonderland teaser for you:

Have a great weekend everyone!


Our wedding is featured on GreenWeddingShoes today, if you haven’t already seen it!

What do you think??

The talented Adrienne Gunde also posted on her blog with lots of details to share with you all!

Happy Monday!