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go on.

and help yourself to the tumblr blog of Sugar & Fluff.

that’s if you want to be in the know. with you know, music. art. design. trends. good peoples.

i mean, look at the stuff they share with us via the interweb:

Featured on Green Wedding Shoes!

Sugar & Fluff … the coolest kids on the block, as I have been mentioning… contacted me to do a photo shoot. A fashion photo shoot. At a skatepark. I had no idea what I was going to be involved in but it sounded awesome, and guess what? IT WAS AWESOME. I barely did anything but here we are, featured on Green Wedding Shoes! You can thank Brandon Kidd Photography for the AMAZING photos… Here’s a snippet, but be sure to check out the whole shebang on Brandon Kidd Photography’s Blog as well.

Thanks for the shout out Fluffers. XO.

Bridal bouquet

I just realized this hasn’t been shared yet. Here is a snapshot of C’s wedding bouquet shot by Feather Love. Isn’t it lovely? I had major bouquet envy while I was making it.

Still a little jealous. 🙂

C&C Wedding

I wanted to share a pretty little wedding featured on 100 Layer Cake that Bunch was able to be a part of. The white pumpkins were so much fun!!

Here’s a glimpse, please see more of it here.

Thanks Sugar & Fluff for their amazing vision and inviting Bunch to be a part of it, and Feather Love Photography for the awesome photos! The wedding was gorgeous.. I have never seen a tennis court look so good, have you? I love how the detail of the ceremony urns, something completely common, was translated in the shape of the white pumpkins, which were unconventional in their decor. I love the washed out design and feel of it all. Here are more shots: