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SF to LA Aids LifeCycle

Hello everyone!

I wanted to quickly post about something my husband is doing June 5-11 2011. He’s participating in a 7-day cycle from San Francisco to Los Angeles with the Aids Foundation in an effort to raise money for aids research. In order to be a participant, he needs to raise a minimum of $3,000… but he has set his personal goal to raise $4,000 for the foundation. Please check out the website for more information, and donate if you can! Or, help us spread the word!

How awesome is he?

Thanks for your time!!!

toldja i couldn’t wait…

last month n & i headed up to SF for a quickie, and asked miss Kim Nakashima to come with. she took some photos for us.. and below are some of my faves. we had a great time… and we picked spots that meant something to us, not the tourist attractions like the piers, or the bridges, or the trolley cars (though that would have been fun!). Many thanks to Kim, a thousand times over… you are an awesome person & we can’t wait to see more of your photography in the future. 🙂


Love these two, though we don’t do serious very well; we’re good at goofy though:

Want more? There’s more…

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Happy Birthday to my Meeeeester

Before the clock strikes 12 and ends this day, I wanted to wish a Happy Birthday to N. You are SO very special…

He is my world.

Photos by Kim Nakashima. Can’t wait to share with you the images she just sent us from our SF rendezvous.