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Featured: Utterly Engaged! issue 11

Goooood morning!

I wanted to post on our latest feature with Utterly Engaged’s issue 11! The entire issue is themed “On Memory Lane” and I love, love, love the sweet vintage real wedding photos! Thank you to Utterly Engaged for having us do the shoot. Thanks to my awesome friends J & R for letting us crash their awesome house. I had fun with this one, color is always so refreshing! Olivia of Zoie Events & I stylized these down to the nail polish and booties… what a great experience and team! And how amazing are the shots from Connie M. Chung? All I can say is she worked it!!

Please check out the entire article here! Here’s some eye candy for you:

The happy couple:

There’s always something so darling about boys carrying bouquets for their ladies.. Freesia and Godetia with a Rose collar bouquet. Godetia feels like the finest silk I swear.


This shot was fun… the aftermath of cleaning up.. eh, not so much. I completely understand why some venues do not allow petals, etc. to be tossed.

Wait, did I mention one of our shots is on the cover??

Complete list of vendors below.

Connie M. Chung of Connie M. Chung Photography

Event Coordinator & Stylist:
Olivia Wu of Zoie Events

Floral Designer & Stylist:
Mai Hoang of Bunch Studio
Hair & Make-up:
Kelly Zhang Hair & Make-up Studio

Make-up: Manning Lee of Theresa Huang Make-up & Hair Design Team http://www.thmakeupdesign.com Groom/Groomsmen Accessories & Shoes: Mattucci Tailors http://www.mattuccitailors.com Female Models: Lauren McKnight, Kristi Gail, Emma de Kruyf, Natalie Ryan Male Models: Winston M. Secrest, Lucas Dunev
P.s. … if this floral gig doesn’t work out, I can always become a veil and hat-maker! ;D now we know…

Fun & Games!

Thanks for waiting… here are a few images from the Fun & Games photo shoot I worked on a while ago with some uber talented folks. We incorporated Candyland, Bingo, Chess, Rubix Cubes, Jacks, Chinese Checkers, Scrabble, Dominoes, Bottle Toss… so much fun!! For the flowers I used matsumoto asters, craspedias, baby’s breath, seeded eucalyptus, strawflowers, and rice flower.

We are really, really, really looking forward to having The Knot print this shoot in an upcoming magazine! And because of which, I must ask that these images not be reposted. And I will try to focus on the florals as to not give away too much!

Aren’t these turquoise Chivari chairs to die for?

um, making the cotton candy was probably my least favorite diy… but it warrants my argument for purchasing my very own machine!

The colors of the blooms really coordinated with the outfits. I had so much fun making these bingo flower balls:

i went through a turquoise painting kick after i finished these bottles and had left over paint…

here’s my personal favorite detail of the day:

Design/Coordination: Jesi Haack Weddings (JesiHaackWeddingsBlog.com)

Concept Design/Photography: Frenzel Photographers (TheFrenzelsBlog.com)

Dessert Display: Sweet and Saucy Shop (SweetAndSaucyShop.com)

Floral Design: Bunch Studio (BunchStudio.com)

Stationery: Posh Paperie (Posh-Paperie.com) and Karrie Pyke Designs (KarriePykeDesigns.com)

Turquoise Chiavari Chairs and Descanso Table: Classic Party Rentals (ClassicPartyRentals.com)

Dress:The Vintage Bride (TheVintageBride.com)

Men’s Attire: The Men’s Wearhouse (MensWearhouse.com)

Hair and Makeup: Kacee Geoffroy (KaceeGeoffroy.blogspot.com) and Karissa Druse

Twitter, F&G shoot

A quick Hello!

I have joined Twitter FYI. BunchStudio. Um, tweet me? I don’t know what I am doing on there by the way. Like what are all those abbreviations and random letters/numbers? So confusing.. who is saying what to who and when? whaaa…? As if I didn’t have a hard time with technology already. So I have been hesitant to join because I really doubt ANYONE aside from my mom and N would care what I am doing 24/7… and then with Facebook and this blog, wouldn’t you get my updates 3 times then? And, what if I have a slow week with nothing to post? The pressure! But today I was convinced to join it because it will only be beneficial for me. and us. you too. (except for the fact that I have an extremely addictive personality and will tweet the hell out of it. and then everyone will be sorry…)

Anyway, I tried to share a photo from it and… failed. And because I don’t have the time to figure it out right now, I will just tell ya:


Thanks to Frenzel Photographers for the invitation, and being so much more than the photographers for the shoot. Jesi Haack for being so cool and such a hard working Mama bee (and for bringing sweet Blakely!). And Melody Brandon for being so Sweet and Saucy and for allowing the shoot to happen in her awesome new loft! It was such fun. Please stay tuned for photos, I promise it will be worth the wait.

Ok, bye!

The Queen of Hearts (featured…!)

Hello hello… I wanted to share with you all the excitement that I have had for the past … couple of weeks.

“Our story is set in Wonderland. We know what’s going on with the Mad Hatter and his infamous tea parties. They are the talk of the town and Everyone wants to be on the list. No wonder why the Queen of Hearts is always angry. Sorry, was always angry.

For she has found true love at long last. The Queen is in LOVE… Together she and her groom to be are hosting a wedding party reception, her way. Her elite guest list is limited to a special few. Held at her private palace, in the gardens, it is nothing out of the ordinary for her majesty. Just feathers and fluff. Opulence. Rich satin, glitz and glam. Natural greens & mushrooms. Delectable dessert. Roses red. Her way…”

So, Alice in Wonderland, we all know the story, and we love it. We all went to see the movie, and we loved it. Many of us were inspired and thus came the creation of many WONDERFUL photo shoots. As much as I wanted, longed to create a fun, whimsical and beautiful tea party, and by the time I thought to pull together a shoot, I knew it would have been redundant, and c’mon, there’s just no competing with this lovely shoot or this one. So, I set out to do something a little different. And how awesome is GreyLikesWeddings for featuring us?! A huge thank you to Summer!


The team: I called upon Olivia Wu with Zoie Events to be my coordinator extraordinaire and she of course outdid herself. The lovely Adrienne Gunde enthusiastically photographed our shoot and I couldn’t have asked for more. And of course I asked Miss Laurie Mura of IBICAKE to make our fun whimsical and beautiful wedding cake… I LOVE THAT SHE PAINTED THE ROSES RED!!! (Did I mention we gave ourselves a matter of days to pull this together? Why, I don’t know… I seem to enjoying making things difficult! But what an incredible team, no?).

Some additional images I would like to share… Enjoy!


How gorgeous were our bride and groom?

Cake goodness

Wedding sign (her way)