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UE’s New Year’s PARTAY

Hi world!

Just thought I’d drop a line and let you know about tonight’s UE’s New Year’s Party and Design Challenge, which I am partaking in with my super talented friends – IBICAKE and ZOIE EVENTS. Sorry for the late notice but check it out and come support if you can! This year will be judged by some of the industry’s hottest professionals (and yes they are good lookin too!).




See you there. Xoxo.

More images from UE’s New Year’s Party / Design Challenge

Images by Jasmine Star Photography

Utterly Engaged’s New Year’s Party & Design Challenge

The Utterly Engaged New Year’s party / design challenge was held on a very rainy January weeknight all the way out in Anaheim.. but here we are today, warm, dry, calm and stoked to see Article 8 and the images from the Design Challenge. We didn’t place but we are pretty damn proud of what we pulled off! The challenge rules consisted of a $150 budget, and using fabric, paper, or an industrial material as your main focal point (not flowers). I brainstormed so many ideas but landed with what I thought would be the Freshest: Nautical Modern. I had SO MUCH FUN doing this, despite my time constraints, being away for the weekend, and being very sick. Oh man was I stressed! But in the end we prevailed…! I must thank my AWESOME partners for the challenge – Jenny Wei and Tuan Hua. Also Bunch’s mini fan group for the night… who braved the weather and traffic on a work night… you guys rock and I love the love. Thank you. 🙂

(Image by Jasmine Star Photography)

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