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For Japan, with Love

If you’ve been living under a rock for the past week, then this might be news to you. Last friday Japan was hit with a major earthquake with a magnitude in the high 8. Before and after this ‘big one’ there were numerous other earthquakes, up to 6. in magnitude. The result has been catastrophic tsunamis and also unstable conditions of nuclear power plants, which we still await status of. The world holds its breath.

The direct result to the people effected by these earthquakes and tsunamis are, damaged homes, missing persons, an unruly death toll, lack of energy/power, food, shelter, you name it.

The ladies of Utterly Engaged and Ever Ours started a fundraiser with ShelterBox to donate emergency shelters & supplies to Japan. This operation started days after the disaster stuck and has been supported immensely since. I am so humbled by these efforts… and really, it is so effortless for you help out in such a HUGE way. Please check it out. Thank you, UE & Ever Ours.


UE’s New Year’s PARTAY

Hi world!

Just thought I’d drop a line and let you know about tonight’s UE’s New Year’s Party and Design Challenge, which I am partaking in with my super talented friends – IBICAKE and ZOIE EVENTS. Sorry for the late notice but check it out and come support if you can! This year will be judged by some of the industry’s hottest professionals (and yes they are good lookin too!).




See you there. Xoxo.

Featured: Utterly Engaged! issue 11

Goooood morning!

I wanted to post on our latest feature with Utterly Engaged’s issue 11! The entire issue is themed “On Memory Lane” and I love, love, love the sweet vintage real wedding photos! Thank you to Utterly Engaged for having us do the shoot. Thanks to my awesome friends J & R for letting us crash their awesome house. I had fun with this one, color is always so refreshing! Olivia of Zoie Events & I stylized these down to the nail polish and booties… what a great experience and team! And how amazing are the shots from Connie M. Chung? All I can say is she worked it!!

Please check out the entire article here! Here’s some eye candy for you:

The happy couple:

There’s always something so darling about boys carrying bouquets for their ladies.. Freesia and Godetia with a Rose collar bouquet. Godetia feels like the finest silk I swear.


This shot was fun… the aftermath of cleaning up.. eh, not so much. I completely understand why some venues do not allow petals, etc. to be tossed.

Wait, did I mention one of our shots is on the cover??

Complete list of vendors below.

Connie M. Chung of Connie M. Chung Photography

Event Coordinator & Stylist:
Olivia Wu of Zoie Events

Floral Designer & Stylist:
Mai Hoang of Bunch Studio
Hair & Make-up:
Kelly Zhang Hair & Make-up Studio

Make-up: Manning Lee of Theresa Huang Make-up & Hair Design Team http://www.thmakeupdesign.com Groom/Groomsmen Accessories & Shoes: Mattucci Tailors http://www.mattuccitailors.com Female Models: Lauren McKnight, Kristi Gail, Emma de Kruyf, Natalie Ryan Male Models: Winston M. Secrest, Lucas Dunev
P.s. … if this floral gig doesn’t work out, I can always become a veil and hat-maker! ;D now we know…


I am a day late, but how is it June already? Sorry, the quickness of time passing never ceases to amaze me. Yesterday I tried to brave the outdoors without a jacket and look where it got me – a migraine… 24 hours and counting. it is also the lack of water consumption and gloomy weather. and a late meal always does the trick. sigh…

anyway, moving on to happier, brighter things…

yesterday I trekked to Tustin with miss O of Zoie Events. We visited  which is something all wedding related vendors and clients should know about. Seriously, this place is major wedding world. The Wedding Pantry is a boutique retail store that sells great gifts and accessories for brides… and all things wedding. Most of these items are handmade and the quality and loveliness of the designs are breathtaking. There is a magazine/book inspiration area where Brides and vendors alike can have a seat and rummage through the many mags they have. Visitors can pick up a large assortment of business cards from vendors in the industry, anywhere from photography to planners to florists. There are classes and seminars you can sign up for. Vendors can rent space to meet their clients here. And really it’s about being surrounded by wedding industry professionals in a positive and pretty atmosphere.

Behind the wedding pantry – try to follow me here: The mastermind behind this place is Eva Chiou who also started Red Velvet Occasions which is now being led by Alison Zamora who is also the in house writer for the Utterly Engaged online magazine… the FIRST online wedding magazine of its kind. Utterly Engaged is a collaboration between Eva and the ladies of D*Lsh – Henny V and Lucia P. Utterly engaged has taken residence at the Wedding Pantry, which is also the home of Jemie Sae Koo whose specialty is event planning and PR. Got it? Good. I just can’t wait till they have an LA / west side location 😉

On a personal note, when I was perusing the lovely jewelry at the wedding pantry I received a call from N who booked our honeymoon flights to Europe… I simply cannnnnnot wait! We are on schedule again with honeymooning after the wedding… we were going to postpone it to 2011 due to a planned trip to Viet Nam this July, before the wedding, but things didn’t pan out. My mom and younger brother RKN who is there for the first time ever, are in Viet Nam now for a full 7 weeks… I can’t help but feel like I am going to majorly miss out but that’s ok… next time!

June is the beginning of Bunch’s ‘busy time’… especially since I may have just signed myself up for a cool special feature with a close deadline. I am so excited for the things to come… forreal forreals. In the meantime, I will try to get rid of this migraine and paint a little. Stay tuned.

More images from UE’s New Year’s Party / Design Challenge

Images by Jasmine Star Photography

Utterly Engaged’s New Year’s Party & Design Challenge

The Utterly Engaged New Year’s party / design challenge was held on a very rainy January weeknight all the way out in Anaheim.. but here we are today, warm, dry, calm and stoked to see Article 8 and the images from the Design Challenge. We didn’t place but we are pretty damn proud of what we pulled off! The challenge rules consisted of a $150 budget, and using fabric, paper, or an industrial material as your main focal point (not flowers). I brainstormed so many ideas but landed with what I thought would be the Freshest: Nautical Modern. I had SO MUCH FUN doing this, despite my time constraints, being away for the weekend, and being very sick. Oh man was I stressed! But in the end we prevailed…! I must thank my AWESOME partners for the challenge – Jenny Wei and Tuan Hua. Also Bunch’s mini fan group for the night… who braved the weather and traffic on a work night… you guys rock and I love the love. Thank you. 🙂

(Image by Jasmine Star Photography)

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