Aids LifeCycle


I wanted to share that the husband N and our two friends Pedro & Kaz have returned home from their 7 day bike ride with the Aids Life Cycle. I am beyond thrilled that they are home safe and sound, but even more so, just amazed by their ability to accomplish such as task. My heros!!! Here are some highlights of the event:

  • 10th anniversary
  • 7 days – over 545 miles from San Francisco to Los Angeles
  • Nearly 3,000 participants in the ride
  • Roadies who are volunteers for the entire week, help with transportation, meals, campsites, rest stops, EVERYTHING. How amazing! I think I would like to do this if and when N does his next ride.
  • Most money raised ever in the history of the ride: $13 million!
  • Safest ride ever in its history (least injuries / accidents)

Thanks to everyone who donated and supported. What an amazing community and event. I am star stuck. Below: a photo of N and our buddy Kaz on day 5, the ‘red day’ where everyone wears red (dresses) off the website: 


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