For Japan, with Love

If you’ve been living under a rock for the past week, then this might be news to you. Last friday Japan was hit with a major earthquake with a magnitude in the high 8. Before and after this ‘big one’ there were numerous other earthquakes, up to 6. in magnitude. The result has been catastrophic tsunamis and also unstable conditions of nuclear power plants, which we still await status of. The world holds its breath.

The direct result to the people effected by these earthquakes and tsunamis are, damaged homes, missing persons, an unruly death toll, lack of energy/power, food, shelter, you name it.

The ladies of Utterly Engaged and Ever Ours started a fundraiser with ShelterBox to donate emergency shelters & supplies to Japan. This operation started days after the disaster stuck and has been supported immensely since. I am so humbled by these efforts… and really, it is so effortless for you help out in such a HUGE way. Please check it out. Thank you, UE & Ever Ours.



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