toldja i couldn’t wait…

last month n & i headed up to SF for a quickie, and asked miss Kim Nakashima to come with. she took some photos for us.. and below are some of my faves. we had a great time… and we picked spots that meant something to us, not the tourist attractions like the piers, or the bridges, or the trolley cars (though that would have been fun!). Many thanks to Kim, a thousand times over… you are an awesome person & we can’t wait to see more of your photography in the future. ๐Ÿ™‚


Love these two, though we don’t do serious very well; we’re good at goofy though:

Want more? There’s more…

our favorite breakfast hole in the wall, a never fail:

The image on the right pretty much sums up our life in SF:
On Haight I met a new love, his name is Sebastian… and I couldn’t tear myself away from him (except to play a few rounds of pinball):
A quick break at Yerba Buena Gardens, with some candy involved of course.
OK, so we do this thing where we like to lie on the sidewalks.. of the streets.. I don’t know, it’s just our thing.. and this is the first time it’s ever been documented.
Kinda weird, right…
i am a fan of taking off my shoes and dancing on his feet… and we like to dance together, especially when there’s no music playing…

the end!


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