Happy Anniversary, BS.

A year ago, I jumped the gun and started Bunch Studio with no professional floral design experience, tools or liaisons, and all but a 40 word business plan. and 30 minutes of research on the net. Just like the classic Nike slogan that is so clever yet quite often overlooked… don’t over think it, don’t be wishy-washy, no what if’s, just do it. So, I did it.

I bought books and books and books and wish-listed them like they were going out of style. I found that most of the books were all telling me the same thing over and over, all very informative and filled with fantastic ideas, yet I kept (and still today keep) searching for something that wasn’t there. What wasn’t there, was the hands on experience, the raw inspiration. So I navigated my way to the floral mart and fell in love. It is truly a trip that is worth waking up in the wee early morning hours for or bearing God-awful LA traffic for… I never tire of the task.

My first year definitely put meaning to humble beginnings… I battled trial and errors, learned that not all flowers get along, lost potential clients mainly due to my inexperience (which I have accepted that there is absolutely nothing I can do to change the situation), dyed flowers do stain, and that I could have parked at the flower mart garage for less coins / more time than the stupid broken meters or the lot at the corner. Gahhh – why didn’t anyone tell me?

Regardless, the experience and knowledge I gained has been invaluable. I am known to be a forgetful person, in which I MUST write everything down otherwise consider it lost… but the fact that I can remember the names of al(most al)l the floral species is quite remarkable if I do say so myself; that was probably one of my biggest fears. My all nighters and full days have not once felt like I was working, and for that I feel very blessed and wish to keep at it. I always think twice about purchasing a new dress or shoes but I will never wince at purchasing a pricey bundle of peonies. I am grateful for the support of my beloved friends and family, my N, trusting clients and my awesome ‘fans’ that I do not know personally but happen to like what I am doing (get outta here!). And Lucy, for not wanting to ever eat any of the flowers.

One of my goals for my second year is to win the hearts of many, many more clients, create extraordinary somethings, get a usable photo of myself, attain a staff, and build on the vast network of the wedding industry. One thing I have discovered, that I really really like, is that SO many industry professionals are quite young… yet so established and talented. It is truly inspiring and comforting… and it’s like I have found my niche! I hope to be at their level someday. Forreals for real.

Anyway, I leave you with this image of lilacs, because it is back in season again, as it was last year this time, when I started my little whimsy…



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