So I am *ALMOST* done with mailing out the last of our save the dates… we are still working on some addresses, and working things out with the post office machines scanning the wrong side of the envelopes… (therefore mailing them directly back to us!). Fun.

They are pretty crafty (homemade) but just what I wanted. I went through SO many different versions of Save The Dates… postcards, flat cards, folded cards… and I kept having all these cool ideas and then I would see them done and done again on wedding blogs which discouraged me… but I love the silhouettes so much I had to stick with them. And today, through Twitter, I came across this post that reaffirmed ‘it’s not out of fashion if you love it.’ Woo hoo! In the end I decided to go with bookmarks in vellum sleeves (with sewn edges, thank you very much). Why is it so easy to plan and design for others but so difficult when it comes to your own things?? I am happy (to be done with them)… 


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