Girly heaven

So last week i had a fun day with O, L & R. and we ‘had’ to go to Shareen’s to pick out some dresses for the photo shoot we recently did (pics to come!). not knowing what to expect & coming in with high hopes, we were met with walls & racks & racks of beautiful vintage clothing: laces & sheers, knits & furs, wools & satins… i was seriously in girly heaven. to be surrounded constantly by beautiful things, S W O O N. it’s exactly how i feel about design and great showrooms (such as Blackman Cruz, Kravet, and Environment Furniture just to name a few).  i am absolutely the type of girl who can live in fancy tulle ballgowns and sweatpants, in an open space with all but 1 or 2 key pieces of distinguished furniture.

i wanted to hug Shareen for having such a wonderful hidden space, and the best part was, no boys allowed! i wish we had all the time in the world to try on every single little number and romp around, but alas, that didn’t happen. Anyway, Shareen and her lovely employees were so extremely hospitable and helpful. They were on it!

Yesterday i visited again with J to return the rentals and also gave her this floral arrangement that i made for her:

She accepted it with such grace and gratitude… i am absolutely smitten with this woman whom i’ve met for a total of 10 minutes… running her show the way she does, with such authority and sweetness and sleekness. i love it! again, S W O O N!


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