Wedding Day Jitters

…and no, not mine. At least not yet!

        photo credits: Kim Nakashima

On the days leading up to my clients’ wedding day, and the day of, I run on pure adrenaline. Bottled water. Adrenaline. Maybe a bite or two of Odwalla. And, adrenaline. 

It’s a really intense production if you think about it. Cut flowers are living things, on the road to wilt and death. The sun is scorching or the wind is blowing. And the bride and groom have just arrived! Time to pack up and ship out leaving no trace of work behind. It’s fun, really. I get into the zone, and just take off, completely unaware I am being watched wild-eyed. Of course I have very helpful assistants and sometimes innocent stand-byers (do you mind holding this real quick? thanks. tell me when. thanks.) who help me get the job done, because as much as I would LOVE to have my hands on EVERYTHING as well as the last say / stem position every single time, it is not a one-woman job. 

So you can imagine how much excitement is balled up in me pre-wedding day. I cannot wait to produce what I have been planning for weeks and months, I cannot wait to show my clients that they made a hell of a vendor selection, and I cannot wait to simply create.

and eat. (eat is a hidden word in create.)

My favorite moment is when the Bride and Groom see their setting for the first time. I also love it when I hear guests complement my work nearby, not realizing I am the designer because I look like a child in my dickies and chucks (perhaps I should work on that). My least favorite moment is being asked to pin the boutonnieres on the men. Do it yourself, gosh… or ask your partner… (I’m not really kidding).

I cannot wait for the weddings I have signed up thus far… and can’t wait to show you all what Bunch Studio will do! Stay tuned. 

Ps. am I supposed to have a blogging schedule?


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