Poppies are kind of overlooked, aren’t they? Especially living in California… they are seen everywhere when in season (our state flower!). Art and paintings of poppies have been overdone and often times scream outdated and cheesy. Recently I took a closer look at poppies and couldn’t get over how lovely they were, especially in bunches of pretty pastel colors, just bobbing happily in the wind with their tall skinny stems. The  most common color for poppies are red and orange/yellow, but I love them mixed! Their buds are pretty unique too… well, they are pretty ugly and you wouldn’t believe something that weird blossoms into such a lovely crepe flower. There are so many varieties of poppies, but their simplistic beauty stays constant. 

(And how yummy is the Poppy seed dressing from Brianna’s? My gf Grace once made for us potato croquette / balls and served it with this dressing… Mmm!)

I was at Disneyland this past Saturday and their landscaping, as always, was incredible. On Main Street, they had an abundance of purple and white poppies… it was DElightful and I quietly squealed to myself as I stepped over for a closer peek (I know). And when it was dark, the poppies were lit with purple and white lights from underneath…! I didn’t snap a photo, because we are terrible with the camera, so I think I may have to go back soon so I can share it here! Hopefully they keep it up for a while… 

There are poppy fields in Antelope Valley, and are open to the pubic when the poppies are in season. I haven’t been as we always seem to miss the dates (March – May), but I will try this season because who knows how much longer these fields will be available. Unfortunately most of our state parks are effected by the budget cuts… with very little if any funding from the state to keep the place running… most of these parks are kept up solely by volunteers and donations (which is so fantastic, I can’t even express how wonderful these people are!). So yes, if you have some time, check it out next month. Maybe give them a call to make sure their gates are still open to us. Here’s the link for more info:


Photo credits – Images 1 & 2 from Nino & Marin Hellewell via Pixdaus.


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3 responses to “Poppies!

  • mallorymurray

    Wow, I am so envious of having poppies as a state flower – I just love them. So pretty.

  • Seol Lee

    Hi Mai! Yay, your new blog is up and running.

    I love poppies! They’re so colorful and beautiful… I never knew that was their reputation (outdated and cheesy). There’s this one building I’ve been passing by a lot lately, and it has all these poppies in front of it, and every time I drive by I can’t take my eyes away from them! Hopefully I won’t get into an accident looking at them too long. Will def. check out the poppy fileds! Although I have no time for anything but school these days…

  • bunchstudio

    Just the art, not the flowers themselves!

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